Love Potion Number Nine

Celia Alvarez & Andres Straulino share a post-wedding embrace at the La Diana Cazadora/ Diana the Huntress monument in Mexico City, Mexico.

You know the drill. You’re pedaling along when an attractive cyclist sidles up beside you. Maybe s/he isn’t looking your way, but you notice him/ her. Or maybe s/he’s giving you elevator eyes and pondering whether pointing out your low tire pressure might be a good way to break the ice.

I wonder: Could the act of riding increase one’s chances of finding true love?

In cooler weather, the adrenaline rushes through our veins as we weave through neighborhoods and downtown centers. Could this be the “love potion number nine” of the road? After all, one of the first things people recommend when giving friends advice about finding a partner is: “Get out there, meet new people, get involved in an activity.” People who ride bikes can already check at least two of those recommendations off their lists.

Biking is a solitary affair if you pedal along by yourself. But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of opportunities to strike up a conversation at a stoplight or when parking your bike next to an attractive individual (or bike for that matter). Take the opportunity to ask your fellow cyclist questions about his/ her ride, or stylish clothing. A compliment is a great way to spark a new relationship.

If you need more specifics about finding love in the bike lane, contributor John Greenfield has some tips for igniting passion on, beside and straddling the saddle (p. 23). Our BikeStyle (p. 24) feature shows you how you can dress to impress. We also share winter riding tips (p. 18) and gear (p. 36), and explore the world of handmade bikes (p. 28).

So what if the weather is cooler now? All the more reason to heat up your commute.

Sarah Ripplinger

Editor, Momentum Magazine

Originally published in the Jan/ Feb 2011 issue of Momentum Magazine and on

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