The Funding/ Awareness-raising Facebook Blog Phenomenon

You have lots of Facebook friends, you believe in a cause, you have some clever links that people might want to send to their friends, why not start a Facebook blog?

Take Michael Schratter’s Facebook blog where he talks about his voyage around the planet by bike to raise awareness, expectations and donations for mental health causes.

Sure Schratter posts the typically stuff you would find on a travel blog, such as that he’s: “has had 3 wonderful days with Deb in Panama City.”

But the next post is more what you would expect a friend to share with you via Facebook, a link to some of his latest column in 24 Hours about celebrities who have suffered from mental illness. And an spoof ad called “‘Schizo:The Movie’ trailer.” 

Unlike traditional blogs, a Facebook blog (as I’m calling it) gets immediately viewed by your Facebook friends. Now they know what you’re up to, can friend your personal page or like your fundraising page. Now all their friends know what you’re doing, too. Your friends (old and new) and fans can now post comments below your posts, creating an ongoing streaming dialogue between you and your social network. This is one of the greatest strengths of this approach to covering an event or fundraiser because it can amass a large amount of support and interest instantly.

The key thing to do when using an approach like this for your next campaign is to get a lot of friends on your Facebook account and post only information that will be interesting to your network and will generate a reaction.

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