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Promise magazine

As an editor of Promise magazine from Spring 2013 to Spring 2015, I managed the following elements of the production process:

  • Developing a communications plan for each issue
  • Story concept development
  • Story assignment with publisher
  • Editing and reviewing all copy and visual elements
  • Writing features, front-of-the-book content, copy for photo captions & photo essays and copy for Q & As, contents pages and cover lines
  • Organizing and managing photo shoots; some photography and photo editing; sharing photos via social media networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Producing and filming short videos related to stories in issue; conducting interviews; writing interview questions (I initiated this process when I starting to work on the magazine in Jan. 2013)
  • Managing layout and graphic design elements
  • Fact checking
  • Updating all web content
  • Promoting the magazine via social media networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Expanded the content from a standard 16-page magazine to a 24-page magazine

Promise issues I managed:

Momentum magazine

I edited all sections of Momentum magazine as the Senior Editor from January 2010 to June 2012 and edited the BC Section of the magazine from April to December 2009. Below is a selection of stories that I wrote for Momentum.

Vancouver Visitors’ Guide
Momentum magazine

Your best bet for a great experience in Vancouver is to bike along the seawall and along the trails in Stanley Park and Pacific Spirit Park. Read more.

Velo-city Global in Vancouver 2012
Momentum magazine

Lots of white “I (bike) CPH” T-shirts worn by the 1,000+ conference delegates who attended Velo-City 2010 from more than 60 countries. Read more.

Four Bikes and One Big Adventure in Aspen
Momentum magazine

If you live in Aspen, CO, chances are you’re a cyclist. The number and variety of cycling activities in and around this city of about 6,000 people makes it easy. Read more.

Tour of Montreal 2011
Momentum magazine

During my trip to the Montreal Bike Fest this June, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how many bicyclists there were on the streets. I had heard that Montreal’s cycling culture was alive and well, but what I witnessed was far beyond my expectations. Read more.

A Hands-on Experience at Brooks England
Momentum magazine

Colorful rows of bike seats line long racks. Bins filled to the top with all manner of shiny and polished flyers, side rods and seat noses checker the room. Read more.

Speak magazine

Read the full 2009 issue that I co-edited here.
(Note: the cover is missing from this PDF for reasons of copyright.)

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