Bike Style Makeover – Lawyer David Hay

AFTER – David Hay with his suit-ready ride, the Opus Lugano.

On the one hand, Vancouver, BC, resident David Hay is a pretty stylish guy.

BEFORE – A surf-inspired look better suited to Vancouver’s trails than a downtown office.

A litigation lawyer and partner at Richards Buell Sutton LLP with a special interest in bicycle injury – and a member of a rock band – Hay’s style ranges from trendy office professional to casual cool.

While his bold-colored mountain bike and surf-inspired look would blend nicely into the crowd that tackles recreational dirt trails in and around Vancouver, Momentum wanted to find a bike that complements Hay’s office-ready wardrobe.

Our pick: a conservatively-hued Opus Lugano city bike with subtle brown accents on the handlebar grips and saddle. The smooth and slightly arched line of the top tube makes this bike command attention without being flashy. Roller brakes will help Hay stop with confidence in wet and dry conditions, and require minimal adjusting and maintenance.

Internal seven-speed gears and a chain guard will keep Hay’s pant legs grease-free.

The upright riding position won’t stretch out the shoulders of his suit jackets and the rear rack is perfect for attaching panniers in which he can stow his work materials and anything else he needs to bring with him to the office.

It’s a match made in Hay-Van.

Originally published in the May/ June 2011 issue of Momentum Magazine and on

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