Countdown to Velo-city 2012 – Build It and They Will Come

Lucky attendees at the Velo-city Global 2010 conference in Copenhagen had an opportunity to check out the city’s fine cycling infrastructure.

Transportation infrastructure is a key focus of the upcoming Velo-city Global conference in Vancouver, BC. No wonder, considering that the bicycle helped pave the way for the automobile back in the late 1800s.

How the Dutch Got their Separated Bike Lanes

Bicycling was so popular in the 1880s and 1890s that cyclists formed the League of American Wheelman (still in existence and now called the League of American Bicyclists). The League lobbied for better roads, literally paving the road for the automobile.

Ironically, bicycles are often marginalized on the same roadways that were originally designed to help make it easier for them to get around.

One of the objectives of the Velo-city conference is share information about how cities can develop better bicycle infrastructure, which, in turn, will enhance city liveability and transportation options.

Public bike sharing systems are one of the pivotal themes that will be discussed at the conference. Attendees will learn how to move

from vision to policy, to planning, to public support, to marketing, to acquisition, to implementation and then to operations, while discussing the role of public bike sharing systems within liveable and sustainable urban communities and their transportation options.

Other pivotal conference themes include how to effectively integrate cycling with transit, rail and other modes of transportation, how to replace fleet vehicles with bicycles and cycling and tourism.

Velo-city Global 2012 is expected to host over 1,000 delegates from around the world. The conference will be held June 26 -29 at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center Hotel, accessible by the new Hornby Street separated bike lane.

Conference registration has begun! Visit to secure your spot now. Early bird registration rates end March 31.

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