Interbike 2011 – Hot Bikes, Cool Accessories

By Sarah Ripplinger

September 19, 2011

Montante Evergreen Retro bike.

LAS VEGAS, NV – Day one of the Interbike trade show brought with it plenty of bike candy for us to feast our eyes on.

The Evergreen Retro bike, from Montante caught our eyes. It replicates the look and style of a classic 1930s Italian bike down to the smallest detail. The smooth lines and many features of this bike make it not only a beauty to ride, but a delight to see:

  • built-in newspaper holder
  • pump mount with pump
  • classic dynamo hub and lights
  • brake pads that lift up on the rim
  • Brooks leather saddle
  • rear rack with waterproof-treated leather panniers

This steel freewheel bike also comes with fenders, leather grips and step-through and straight bar models (26-inch and 28-inch respectively).

Interbike Day One - NutcasePhoto by David Niddrie

Nutcase’s new Metroride helmet.

Nutcase has a lighter helmet on offer for their 2012 line. The Metroride helmet has several air vents on the front and top to keep you cool, an adjustable fit and a removable rim. Designed with the commuter in mind, the helmet’s light weight makes it a functional addition to your cycling ensemble.

Interbike Day One - DZRPhoto by David Niddrie

SPD-compatible DZR cycling shoes.

DZR’s urban cycling shoes, in men’s and women’s styles, are SPD-compatible and made to walk in, as well as ride in. The rubber sole has a shank that runs three quarters of the way up from the toe to keep the shoe stiff enough to accommodate the cleat cutout in the outsole. And the comfy soles and stylish designs will keep you wearing them off the bike.

The Bern Watts helmet has a new fit system for 2012 that uses Velcro for an optimal fit. The lightness of this hardcase helmet – which weighs only 17 ounces (one pound) – is made possible by zip mold foam that is sturdy enough to protect your noggin, but light enough that it won’t weigh you down.

The Vetta PathFinder 2 cycling computer with integrated headlight is a cool idea that could save you time and handlebar space. The 0.5-watt light isn’t as powerful as some, but the possibility of taking your light and computer with you in one fell swoop, as opposed to having to remove two separate items when leaving your bike unattended, is an enticing convenience. The PathFinder 2 comes with a larger display screen as compared to the previous model, adjustable straps, a clock and a wireless speedometer. Vetta also offers a Solar Flare solar paneled cycling computer that can last up to around 10 years without requiring a single battery change.

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