50 Issues of Momentum Mag

By Sarah Ripplinger + Amy Walker

In 2001 with a few thousand dollars donated by founding subscribers– Carmen Mills, Amy Walker and Joelle Paton launch a local non-profit publication: Momentum, the magazine for self-propelled people. Fifteen thousand copies of the free bimonthly magazine are printed in a tabloid format on newsprint and distributed throughout Vancouver, Victoria and the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

June 2002 – Colin Mackenzie joins Momentum as advertising sales representative.

Oct. + Nov. 2003, Issue 16 – the final issue of Momentum as a non profit.

2005, Issue “16.5”– Amy Walker re-launches the magazine as a sole proprietorship.

Oct. + Nov. 2005 Issue 18 – The sexy rain gear cover.

July 2006 –Terry Lowe joins Momentum as a writer, later to become editor and Vancouver editor.

Oct. + Nov. 2006, Issue 24 – Chris Bentzen becomes Momentum’s graphic designer, significantly boosting the magazine’s aesthetic appeal.

Dec. 2006 – Wendell Challenger starts building up Momentum’s barebones Drupal website .

Oct. 2007 – Tania Lo and Mia Kohout join Momentum as associate publisher and director of advertising, respectively.

Nov. + Dec. 2007, Issue 30 – The first appearance of the regularly-occurring columns Gleanings, by Ron Richings; Mitey Miss, by Ulrike Rodrigues; and the Shawn Granton comic.

Jan. + Feb. 2008, Issue 31Momentum is distributed to 20 cities across North America. The magazine shifts to a North American focus and begins working with independent and group distributors to bring the magazine to a coffee shop and specialty retailer near you.

Sept. 2008Momentum styles the first Urban Legend Bike Fashion Show at Interbike.

Sept. + Oct. 2008, Issue 35Momentum’s frst style issue.

Nov. + Dec. 2008, Issue 36 – David Niddrie begins photo editing for the magazine.

March + April 2009, Issue 38 – The launch of Kristen Steele’s regularly occurring column, The Advocate.

May 2009Momentum nominated for an Utne Reader independent press award.

Aug. 2009 – Lindsey Wasserman joins Momentum as its first full-time employee and office manager extraordinaire!

Sept. 2009 – Mia Kohout and Tania Lo join Amy Walker as co-publishers.

Sept. + Oct. 2009 – Dan Goldwater’s D.I.Y. column makes its first appearance.

May + June 2009, Issue 39 – Sarah Ripplinger joins Momentum as the BC editor, later taking on the role of assistant editor as well.

March + April 2010, Issue 44 – Sarah Ripplinger takes on the position of editor.

May 2010momentumplanet.com is relaunched.

Sept. + Oct. 2010, Issue 47 – First issue designed by SW!TCH studio, Momentum’s new design team.

Originally published in the March/ April 2011 issue of Momentum Magazine and on momentummag.com.

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