Change Is Blowing in the Wind

Red Bike in Fall
Photo by Marc Bjorknas

Bicycle riding in the fall.

By Sarah Ripplinger

What groundbreaking changes can one summer bring! Vancouver’s Burrard Street Bridge bicycle lane trial entered into full swing in July – with much praise from the cycling and non-cycling community alike. In addition, Vancouver hosted several car-free days, now called Summer Spaces, and the Museum of Vancouver presented an art exhibit dedicated to exploring the city’s many biking subcultures. The city of North Vancouver is considering installing a bike escalator to help cyclists ascend Lonsdale Avenue – a harrowingly steep stretch of road – and the SFU Community Trust is considering installing a gondola to carry transit passengers to campus up Burnaby Mountain.

In this issue, we take a look at the appropriateness of cycling for today and tomorrow. Why are more people being drawn to the saddle and what changes and innovations are likely to be made to meet their needs in the future?

Apart from finding new ways to encourage people to ride, it’s interesting to contemplate the future of bike design. As we see in this issue, greener bikes could be the way of the future; plus, we learn about how environmental awareness, bicycle-riding theatre troupes and audiences are attracting crowds on Vancouver Island. Critical Mass was almost too popular for its own good in Vancouver this summer and, as contributor Zan Comerford reveals, CM in Victoria is using new techniques to attract attention to its rides. In keeping with this month’s theme, we take a broad-stroke approach with a feature article about the state of cycling in BC and we also hone in on what’s buzzing in the interior with a snapshot of Kelowna’s bike and biz scene. This and more coming at you at 16-42 kilometres flat.

Keep those spokes humming!

Sarah Ripplinger

BC Editor

Originally published in the Sept/ Oct 2009 issue of Momentum Magazine and on

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